Hey, Lauren.

I’m still excited about designing a logo and website for OhMyLauren. For free, no strings attached. :-)

The short time I’ve know you, you’ve brought a lot of happiness into my life. I would just really enjoy helping you with this. Plus, I get really tired of designing stuff for lawyers and chiropractors. I like to work on projects like this occasionally that are for something positive.

I think you could make good money with OhMyLauren. And even if you don’t, you’re still reaching people and sharing your passion for small artists and live music.



The first thing is designing the logo.

At first, the main use for the logo would be as the round icon on your YouTube channel. I’d make it with that use in mind.

To help me design a logo that fits you and that you’ll love, I have a few questions. It should only take about 5 minutes, maybe less. I want you to love it. It should be a logo you’d be proud to wear around on a t-shirt.

When you have a little free time, click on the button below to answer those questions.