Just 30 Minutes Each Day = New Customers

I recently spoke with another business owner – a business consultant named David – and got some great advice.


David lamented about one of his clients who had recently complained to him about not having enough money for some basic marketing costs. They blamed this on their business being "cyclical". For his client, it was feast or famine, with some profitable months followed by months of panic and stress. 

So what advice did David give this struggling business? First, he helped them realize that their problem was not because their business was cyclical. The problem was that their efforts to get new customers were sporadic and unplanned. He helped them realize that their profitable months were the ones that followed the months where they spent focusing on efforts to get new customers. He then recommended that they take 30 minutes each day (at least) to actively pursue new customers.

He then looked directly at me, and asked if I was making time each day to find new customers. I looked at the floor, my left shoe, out the window at the snow.... 

"But I don't really like doing that. I'm a designer! I design websites and logos... I'm very good at it. Potential clients see how great my work is, and hopefully they want to work with me". 

As soon as I said that I realized I was guilty of the same mistake David's client was. I assumed that if I make a great product, or provide an amazing service, clients and customers will just come. David and I then spoke about some specific things I could do with my "30 minutes" every day. He told me some of the things he does. It was awesome.  

I thanked him for his time, told him I would take his advice and take at least 30 minutes to start each day and actively pursue new clients. For me, this means some time on the phone, reaching out to old clients, planning and executing my social media strategies, and brainstorming ways to let people know about Stitt Creative. For you, it is probably a different set of tasks, but as long as you take your "30 Minutes" to do it, you're on the right track.